Customer Satisfaction

Overall, the company’s business is the design and manufacture products meeting customer requirements. The achievement of customer satisfaction is placed on top of the list of management objectives and that is what brought NSE AUTOMATECH to develop its own quality management system.

Quality Management System

The quality system has continued to evolve since its first recording with the ISO9002 standard received in 1994. Currently based on the ISO9001, AS9100 and ISO13485 certifications, the company’s management processes maintain the emphasis on flexibility, efficiency and continuous improvement.

The FDA (Food & Drug Administration) audited NSE Automatech from November 28th until December 1st 2016. FDA accreditation « Form FDA 483 » was attributed to NSE Automatech without any observed non-conformities during this Audit process.

  • Operations management
  • Product configuration control
  • Production methods planning
  • Validation of CNC programs
  • Flexible production planning
  • Supplier evaluation
  • Receiving control
  • Product Inspection
  • Complex metrology
  • Preservation of product
  • Maintenance of infrastructure